28 / 01 / 2016
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28 January: Data Protection Day - see if your data processing is compliant with the laws

In practice the obligations pertaining to personal data apply to nearly everyone: entities and persons who issue invoices or hire personnel, as well as those who, for any purpose, collect data such as the first name and surname, personal number (PESEL), tax ID number (NIP), address of residence or business address, electronic address, etc. 

The  Data Protection Day should lead to answers to the following questions:

  • Does my company process its customers’ and employees’ personal data in compliance with the law?
  • Have the personal data subjects been adequately notified of the processing?
  • Have we adequately secured the personal data filing systems?
  • Do we have a valid Personal Data Security Policy?
  • Have we accurately authorised the parties which/who handle the personal data processing on our behalf?
  • Are we aware of the sanctions for inappropriate personal data handling? 
  • Are we aware of who we can be inspected by, when and how? Do we know what the entitlements of the State Labour Inspection (PIP) and the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) are in this respect?

We hope that, as most of our customers, you act in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.  However, if, having given it more thought, you decide that it is worth to find out more or to check the corporate policy in this respect, you are welcome to contact our experts:  Grzegorz Olszewski(grzegorz.olszewski@ksplegal.pl) oraz Adam Roszyk (adam.roszyk@ksplegal.pl).

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