03 / 11 / 2016
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Coffee with a lawyer - Restrictions on sale of real estate. Real property as security - 24 November 2016 - KSP

 The experts of the KSP Law Firm of Katowice, legal advisors Piotr Krupa and Hugo Bałaziński, will host a “coffee with a lawyer” meeting organised in cooperation with Katowice Lodge of the BCC, to be held on 24 November 2016.

The meeting will be dedicated to some aspects of restrictions on real property sale. We will demonstrate that even with a seemingly simple transaction involving a sale of shares between related entities or an in-kind contribution of shares to a new SPV one needs to remember about the restraints on the real property sale, as they may delay the transaction or even block it entirely. We will discuss the following topics:


  • Trading in real property taking into account the specific nature of agricultural and forest lands;
    • Practical comments on the preemptive right of the municipalities, the Agricultural Property Agency, the State Treasury and special economic zones;
    • The aspects of real property acquisition by foreigners;
  • The sale of an enterprise or an organised part of an enterprise including the ownership or perpetual use of real property - practical aspects;
  • Issues to taken into account when selling shares in companies/partnerships governed by the Commercial Companies Code;
  • Real property as an in-kind contribution to companies/partnerships governed by the commercial companies code;
  • Restrictions affecting the possibility to use the real property as a collateral; 


The session is addressed to managers in entities which:

  • need and/or intend to buy real property in connection with their development,
  • are in the course of restructuring of the their operations - creating holding structures, establishing SPV (e.g. in order to manage their assets),
  • intend to sell real property,
  • acquire either companies or organised parts of undertakings, and use the real property they own as a collateral for their investment projects (for bank loans, bond issues, etc.).


You are welcome to attend the meeting in KSP’s head office in Katowice at 150 Chorzowska Street on 24 November 2016  at 9:00 a.m. The meeting will take around 1.5 hour and it is free to attend  (please enroll by email to malgorzata.popek@ksplegal.pl until 21 November 2016, the number of participants is limited).

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