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We provide concrete solutions. Instead of theoretical analyses we offer assistance in eliminating a problem, entering into a transaction or winning a dispute. Listed below are projects in which we successfully provided advice, combining knowledge of various disciplines of law and taxes.


January 2019
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We provide trainings about changes in taxes in 2019

The beginning of 2019 saw some critical amendments to the tax legislation. As regards CIT, some new rules were adopted for payment of the withholding tax and new regulations governing documentation of controlled transactions. Also, the exit tax and innovation box were implemented. There are some modifications of the regulations governing the use of motor vehicles. The Tax Ordinance Act provides for a new regime: the MDR, i.e. the mandatory disclosure rules. Also the tax avoidance law was changed and cases of additional tax liability were extended.


Changes also affected the VAT. New rules were laid down for taxation of vouchers for goods and services. The bad debt relief was modified. Additionally, separate rules for taxation of electronic services provided to foreign consumers were adopted. Legislation procedures are pending to develop a VAT rate list and on-line cash registers.


Since October 2018 the KSP tax practice has provided training for tax and accounting personnel in companies. Our experts have delivered closed sessions on tax changes to large entities operating in the power, automotive, transport and production sectors.


The open training session held on 8 January entitled 2018 CIT Settlement in Practice and New CIT and VAT Regulations in 2019 was received with great interest.


We hope all attendees of our training events have been provided with sufficient practical knowledge and skills.


If you are interested in future tax training events, please contact Elżbieta Lis. 

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