Competition and antitrust law

We advise clients on all aspects related to combating unfair competition and we also analyze planned transactions in terms of compliance with applicable provisions of antitrust law as well as consumer protection law. 


In particular: 


  • We represent clients in unfair competition cases involving identification of enterprises and entrepreneurs, goods and services, breach of business secret, unfair imitation, prohibition of competition, unfair interference in contractual relations, dissemination of false information, and any other acts of unfair competition;

  • we advise on commercial and pricing policy;

  • we provide advice in the area of competition law in the field of contractual commitments, in particular with regard to licensing agreements, distribution, agency and franchising contracts;

  • we advise on preparation of documentation for the Ofce of Competition and Consumer Protection in relation to the planned transactions, which includes preparation of applications concerning control of concentrations;

  • We prepare compliance programs to minimize the risk of infringement of competition law;

  • we represent our clients in proceedings before the Ofce of Competition and Consumer Protection as well as the Antitrust Court.

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