Public-private partnerships and concessions

KSP assists in developing structures, implementing and funding of projects accomplished by way of PPP and under concessions. We provide comprehensive service at each stage of proceedings with the aim of executing a public private partnership agreement. Presented below are selected PPP projects we have participated in. 


  • Gdańsk, a private entity 
    Competitive dialogue. Advice on selection of a private partner to implement a project of design, construction, management, maintenance and operation, with optional financing, of the Waste Incineration Plant in Gdańsk with the nominal throughput of up to 250,000 Mg of municipal waste/year, grate firing technology (the project of “Waste Management System for Tri-City”) conducted in the form of a competitive dialogue by a waste management company Zakład Utylizacyjny Sp. z o.o. of Gdańsk.  

  • Katowice, the Silesian Museum
    Advice in the area of preparation of PPP project conducted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development: “Revitalisation of Water Tower and development of the surrounding area” for the Silesian Museum in Katowice.

  • Rytro, the Authorities of Rytro Commune
    Advice on preparation for implementation of the PPP project “Construction of Rytro Commune Centre” managed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

  • Commune and Town of Wąbrzeźno
    Advisory services in the area of preparation of a public private partnership project of “Construction of a Residential Building in PPP Model” including additional support at the stage of implementation, in particular in the process of selection of a private partner and execution of an agreement therewith. The project is nanced by PARP [Polish Agency for Enterprise Development]. 

  • St. Vincent de Paul Hospital [Szpital Wincentego A.Paulo Sp. z o.o.], Gdynia 
    Advisory services in the area of law and economics (including taxation) intended to draw up a public private partnership agreement for a project involving extension of St. Vincent de Paul Hospital. The project is built by the Contracting Authority and a private partner in the form of a public private partnership with support from European Union funds - JESSICA initiative - as part of the Regional Operational Programme for the Pomerania Province for 2007–2013 Action 3.3 “Urban Development Infrastructure - Non-Grant Financing” as part of the Priority Axis III “Urban and Metropolitan Functions”. 

  • Town Authorities of Katowice
    Proceedings intended to enter into a PPP agreement in order for the public and private partner to set up a capital company to implement the project of “Katowice Water Park”. The overall project area owned by the Town is: 90777.0 m2. The Town intends to provide additional funds for the project in the amount of 55 million, secured in the budget.

  • the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
    Selection of a private partner for the project of design, construction, management and maintenance of dormitories of the Morasko Campus in Poznan.

  • the Town Authorities of Opole
    Comprehensive advisory, legal, nancial and economic services for the Commune of Opole, including risk analysis in the proceedings aimed to select a private partner and concession holder to render the project of “Multi-level underground parking at Mikołaj Kopernik Square in Opole, including development of the square area as public space”. 

  • Town Authorities of Sopot
    Comprehensive law advisory services to complete the project of “Development of the railway station area in Sopot and adjacent sites with participation of private entities”, including preparation and administration of procedures to select a private partner. The advisory services encompassed participation in negotiations with investors and development of draft contracts for implementation of the project, as well as all types of agreements and commitments of entities participating in the project.

  • City Hall Biskupice 
    Provision of legal services in the area of public-private partnership concerning water supply management, i.e. the services of collective water supply in Biskupice commune, including the service of repair and maintenance of the infrastructure, maintenance and operation of school-based waste water treatment plant, preparing and conducting proceedings intended to select the private partner. 

  • Aqua-Sprint Sp. z o.o. - a municipal company of Siemianowice Śląskie. 
    Development of a model for management of water supply and sewage disposal in Siemianowice Śląskie, with a view to the environmental requirements of the Act of 7 June 2001 on collective water supply and collective sewage disposal, as well as advisory services to select the water supply and waste water disposal system operator.

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