Training and workshops

With the considerable experience of KSP professionals combined with our customised approach, we are capable of delivering highly professional training sessions and workshops in the venue and at the time convenient for the Client (at the Client’s place of business, in our conference rooms or during integration trips).


  • Mobbing and discrimination at work - identification, prevention and legal consequences of mobbing.

  • How to correctly submit a tender? Practical aspects of participation in a public procurement award procedure.

  • Flexible forms of employment - hiring temporary personnel, employee leasing - benefits from tripartite employment for the employer.

  • Keeping contractor documents with a view to facilitation of potential claims pressed through litigation (how to issue orders, offers, invoices to facilitate claim assertion before a court in the event of a dispute, and what legal solutions can be used to secure payments - bills of exchange, voluntary submission to enforcement, acknowledgement of debts).

  • Personal data protection and business secret.

  • Legal aspects of the investment process - the construction law for the project owner and subcontractor.

  • How to award a contract in a fast and effective manner - the major rules for conducting procurement procedures.

  • Forms of cooperation between contractors in public procurement process (a consortium, a partnership, subcontract, relying on a third party’s experience).

  • Agreements in the public procurement law system - conclusion, amendment, termination and cancellation of contracts.

  • Selection of business partners and conditions of cooperation - not always on an arbitrary basis. Restrictions resulting from the anti-trust law.

  • Termination of employment contracts - practical aspects.

  • How to delegate employees to work within the European Union. Practical comments to Polish and EU regulations.

  • Incentive schemes for managers.

  • Optimization of employment during crises, taking into account group redundancy procedures.

  • Copyrights in advertising and marketing business.

  • How to safeguard against an infringement of the right to trade marks in the Internet.

  • Permissible forms of staff monitoring.


If you are interested in organising training or workshops tailor-made to meet your individual needs and requirements, feel free to contact us.

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