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Kamil Kozioł

Senior Lawyer

He specialises in personal data protection and in ongoing legal representation of business entities. Over the years, he has gained experience in developing internal documents relating to personal data protection, including policies and procedures, as well as commercial agreements and procedural writs.

  • provides advice on issues pertaining to the protection and processing of personal data, conducts GDPR audits, analyses documentation and prepares audit reports on which he bases his advice on the implementation of a system to protect personal data,

  • develops “tailored” documentation compliant with the GDPR, such as: personal data protection policy, IT system security instructions, privacy policy for users of IT services, as well as notices, information clauses and draft approvals and declarations on personal data processing,

  • prepares comprehensive procedures for the clients to implement the GDPR regulations, also in the scope of responding to personal data security incidents, and requests pertaining to the exercise of rights related to the processing of personal data (e.g. the right of access, the right to be forgotten, the right of rectification),

  • negotiates, prepares and gives opinions on agreements and contractual clauses related to the processing of personal data,

  • advises on the cases of infringements and incidents in connection with personal data security (the so-called “leaks” of data and reporting violations to a supervisory authority), and on issues of data protection in the course of internal proceedings (e.g. FCPA, competition law audits),

  • provides training on personal data protection, GDPR, and information security for management board members, managers and employees of enterprises, associations and offices,

  • acts as the Data Protection Officer,

  • handles employment law, develops employment contracts, company regulations governing the employment relationships and employees’ rights, represents his clients before the National Labour Inspectorate,

  • experienced in the scope of intellectual property law and trademark registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO),

  • provides business consultancy services – he was a member of a team carrying out one of the most extensive restructuring projects in recent years in Silesia,

  • represents joint stock companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and provides advice to non-profit organisations, especially Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs), where he is also an active member

  • has broad experience in enforcement procedures and proceedings to secure claims,

  • represents clients in court, in civil proceedings and during negotiations on settlements with adversaries,

  • interested in the issue of liability for incidents caused by autonomous cars and Artificial Intelligence (AI),

  • a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice,

  • an author of numerous publications on new technology law and the GDPR, a co-author of RODO – Przewodnik Praktyczny dla Przedsiębiorców (GDPR – A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs),

  • a fan of new technologies – the Internet of Things and everything “smart,”

  • in his free time, he does sport shooting and flies drones.

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