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Syuzanna Musfi

Legal Advisor

Syuzanna handles comprehensive corporate services provided to companies. She is also interested in civil law, the law of real estate transactions, bills of exchange law, and labour law.

  • drafts agreements, opinions, legal recommendations and pleadings, develops financial securities, including sureties, guarantees and bills of exchange,

  • specialises in the registration of economic entities with the National Court Register, and in drafting agreements on the purchase (sale) of shares and stocks,

  • provides services related to the recovery of past due receivables; represents clients in civil and recovery proceedings for the collection of claims from foreign entities,

  • experienced in services provided to local government units, in the scope of management of municipal real estate and court proceedings pertaining to housing law,

  • provides services to Ukrainian-speaking clients, representing them before administration bodies,

  • advises clients in cases for the recognition of the Polish nationality by the President of the Republic of Poland, provides legal advice, drafts applications and pleadings, and represents clients in administrative and court proceedings,

  • advised utility transmission companies on the establishment of transmission easement and on claims for damages in relation to non-contractual use of real estate,

  • A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice and of the School of Ukrainian Law at the Jagiellonian University,

  • a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Katowice,

  • a fan of non-fiction literature, and of cultural and gourmet tourism.

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