We provide concrete solutions. Instead of theoretical analyses we offer assistance in eliminating a problem, entering into a transaction or winning a dispute. Listed below are projects in which we successfully provided advice, combining knowledge of various disciplines of law and taxes.


January 2018

Revolutionary changes in Corporate Income Tax and the 2nd Innovation Package: what are taxpayers about to face in 2018 - a series of training sessions

Our clients can benefit from our training sessions concerning regulations “sealing up” the CIT and VAT systems, which have already become effective or are going to take effect in 2018. The purpose of the training is to present the changes and their impact on business, and to enable taxpayers to get ready for them. As an example, implementation of the split payment mechanism in VAT, which is supposed to be voluntary, may require adjustment of financial and bookkeeping systems from all VAT payers. On the other hand, the innovation package offers new possibilities to use the R&D exemption, which has so far been available for selected taxpayers only. During the training sessions we discuss practical consequences of the changes using real life examples.


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